Juke's Towers of Hell: Revamped Wiki

For information about other types of Towers, see Citadel, Steeple.

Towers are the most common structures in Juke's Towers of Hell: Revamped. They usually span 9-10 floors and it's portal is color coded to show its difficulty.

Towers can also have "wacky frames", which mean the Tower is of a different shape than a simple ten floor ascension, like

List of Towers[]

Organized by Zone[]

Zone 1 (N&N Corp. System)

  • EffortlessIconModified.png TT - Tutorial Tower
  • EasyIcon.png ToPHaT:R - Tower of Peaceful Happiness and Tranquility: Revamped
  • EasyIcon.png ToAB:R - Tower of Another Beginning: Revamped
  • EasyMedium.png PaT - Probably A Tower
  • MediumIcon.png ToAD:R - Tower of Aquatic Dreams: Revamped
  • HardIcon.png ToHS:R - Tower of Hands Sweating: Revamped
  • HardIcon.png ToMH:R - Tower of Mirrored Hecc: Revamped
  • HardIcon.png ToP:R - Tower of Peace: Revamped
  • DifficultIcon.png ToCO:R - Tower of Contractual Obligations: Revamped
  • DifficultIcon.png ToYS:R - Tower of Yearning Success: Revamped
  • ChallengingIconModified.png ToAV:R - Tower of Absolute Vexation: Revamped
  • ChallengingIconModified.png ToADF:R - Tower of A Depressing Future: Revamped
  • IntenseIcon.png ToTF:R - Tower of Table Flipping: Revamped
  • IntenseIcon.png ToHF:R - Tower of Holy Flip: Revamped
  • IntenseIcon.png ToUT:R - Tower of Ultimately Terrifying: Revamped
  • IntenseIcon.png ToWEL:R - Tower of Wanting Extra Levels: Revamped
  • Remorseless2.png ToSFR - Tower of Strangely Familiar Recollections
  • Remorseless2.png ToED:R - Tower of Extreme Dystopia: Revamped
  • Remorseless2.png ToZ:R - Tower of Zespluz: Revamped
  • InsaneExtreme.png ToTL:R - Tower of Thinning Layers: Revamped

Organised by Difficulty[]

EasyIcon.png Easy:[]

MediumIcon.png Medium:[]

HardIcon.png Hard:[]

DifficultIcon.png Difficult:[]

ChallengingIconModified.png Challenging:[]

IntenseIcon.png Intense:[]

Remorseless2.png Remorseless:[]

InsaneIcon.png Insane:[]

ExtremeIcon.png Extreme:[]