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A Tower Rush is a Tower Type and Difficulty within Juke's Towers of Hell: Revamped. In a Tower Rush, the player must beat every Tower or Steeple (of every type) in that Area. There is a Tower Rush for every single area.

Similar to Citadels, the number of floors vary by the amount of Towers in the Tower Rush (with the least amount of floors currently being 49 while the most amount of floors currently being 200)

It is mostly a great citadel.

Tower Rushes[]

N&N Corp. System[]

  • Rainbow.gif A1TR - Area 1 Tower Rush
  • Rainbow.gif A2TR - Area 2 Tower Rush
  • Rainbow.gif A3TR - Area 3 Tower Rush
  • Rainbow.gif A4TR - Area 4 Tower Rush
  • Rainbow.gif A5TR - Area 5 Tower Rush
  • Rainbow.gif A6TR - Area 6 Tower Rush
  • Rainbow.gif A7TR - Area 7 Tower Rush
  • Rainbow.gif A8TR - Area 8 Tower Rush
  • Rainbow.gif A9TR - Area 9 Tower Rush
  • Rainbow.gif A10TR - Area 10 Tower Rush


  • Many people describe these as painful due to their length and how hard they could be.
  • Tower Rushes are deemed useless, as they do not reward anything, and only show a message in one server.
  • The win message color for tower rushes depends on the last Tower's difficulty.
    • This means that if the last tower in the Tower Rush was Challenging, then the win message would show as Challenging.
  • The difficulty itself is not noted on the difficulty chart, possibly because the tower rush itself is not on the difficulty chart.



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